Scaling up your business and workforce

Scaling up your business isn't about steady growth over time. It's about having a clear strategy for quickly expanding the business to achieve full-scale hypergrowth. Most startups grow organically, adding customers here and there and gradually expanding over time. Scaling up aims to accelerate this process, pushing your growth to move beyond that slow, organic pace. To achieve...

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Your Q2 2022 deadlines for the diary

As ever, we want to keep you on the ball with the latest dates and deadlines for your business diary. Get your online calendar fired up and highlight some of the upcoming deadlines and cut-off points for Q2 of 2022. Q2 2022 DEADLINES NOTE: If your company’s accounting period is longer than 12 months, the first deadline is...

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Getting funding for your startup

A great business idea is an excellent starting point for a company. But without funding to provide the necessary capital, your business idea could be dead before it's even begun. This is why getting funding for your startup is so important. To quote a well-worn phrase, ‘Cash is King’ and that means it’s critical to start thinking about...

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Making sure your new business finances are in order

Getting your head around Business Finances and the basics of bookkeeping, accounting and good financial practice may not come naturally to all business owners. But the better you understand the numbers, the more control you'll have over your business and your decision-making. To get you started, here’s a rundown of some of the main financial terms and how...

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Hospitality and leisure grant – Is your business eligible for the £6k?

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, recently announced £1billion in additional financial support in the form of a hospitality and leisure grant for Covid-hit businesses in the hospitality and leisure sectors. Pubs, restaurants, cafes and leisure outlets are all continuing to suffer as the impact of the new Omicron variant of Covid takes its toll on takings and revenues in...

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Quick Tips: Registering for VAT

When first setting up your business, there are multiple decisions to make – and a key consideration will be whether to register the business for Value-Added Tax (VAT), the tax that’s added onto the price of certain goods and services. When does VAT registration become mandatory? When your business’s turnover reaches £85k over any rolling period of 12 months,...

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Goal setting – 5 tips for the year

Effective goal setting will help you get the very best out of the year. Our 5 goal-setting tips will help small business owners reach new highs. Wouldn’t it be great to have your best year ever, this year? Whether you want to grow your business or take more time for yourself, these goal-setting tips can help you achieve...

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Can I have more than one sole trader business

The answer to this is yes, however you need to consider if this is the right move for you. If you are already registered for self assessment with HMRC, you don’t need to register again.  You simply complete two or more self employment pages on the self assessment form (one for each business). This can get a bit...

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